Weight loss


An easy, safe and enjoyable programme of weight loss

Gastric Band Hypnosis

Using hypnosis for weight loss is proving very popular, safe and effective with gastric band work. I use it as part of an inclusive programme of education around food and your attitude towards eating.

We are setting new patterns of eating for life, not just a short term blast of weight loss – where the weight may go off, but more often than not, goes back on again.


Session 1

Intake session, finding out specific eating patterns, exercise habits, perceived problems. Introduction to hypnosis through relaxation.  CD for home.

Session 2

Setting of goals. Looking at common eating patterns/problems/ emotional eating. Weight loss affirmations – preparing the mind for losing weight. Hypnosis for weight loss – CD to take home for daily practise.

Session 3

Setting of ‘eating rules’.  Craving eliminator.

Session 4

Gastric band session – where we go through, under hypnosis, what occurs during actual gastric band surgery. CD to take home for practise.
An additional session may be required to adjust the band.

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