A relaxing and empowering way to give birth

I have supported over 100 couples, usually in private classes, in the comfortable setting of my home.

Teaching Hypnobirthing to women and couples is teaching them the skills to have a relaxed and happy birthing experience. Sessions focus on how your body works and changes during birth and eliminating any fears and concerns you may have.

We work for four, three or two sessions, totaling around 10, 8 or 5 hours of work, with additional sessions always available.

We work on -

  • Breathing methods for during labour and birth
  • Relaxation - for before, during and after your birth - in fact, a life-time skill
  • How your body works during birth – and how best to support this
  • Use of visualisation to support the above
  • Eliminating fears and concerns
  • Giving your birth companion/s supporting roles

It is a very inclusive course as we also look at use of different positions for birth and relaxation,nutrition, other alternative methods available to support you.

Should your baby be in a breech position, hypnosis is very effective for encouraging him/her to turn to a vertex position ( I have supported 8 mums in achieving this – testimonial), encouraging a baby who is reluctant to put in an appearance even though due date has arrived.

When working with individual couples, we are not tied to specific times/days but can build inflexibility to suit work pattern.

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