I have supported over 100 couples, usually in private classes, in the comfortable setting of my home. We work for four, three or two sessions sessions, depending on the package chosen.

A relaxing and empowering way to give birth

I have supported over 100 couples, usually in private classes, in the comfortable setting of my home.

Teaching Hypnobirthing to women and couples is teaching them the skills to have a relaxed and happy birthing experience. Sessions focus on how your body works and changes during birth and eliminating any fears and concerns you may have.

I managed to have a calm and natural birth and even the midwife was shocked when I kept on turning down any pain relief.

How the sessions work

We work for four, three or two sessions, totaling around 10, 8 or 5 hours of work, with additional sessions always available.

We work on -

  • Breathing methods for during labour and birth
  • Relaxation - for before, during and after your birth - in fact, a life-time skill
  • How your body works during birth – and how best to support this
  • Use of visualisation to support the above
  • Eliminating fears and concerns
  • Giving your birth companion/s supporting roles

It is a very inclusive course as we also look at use of different positions for birth and relaxation,nutrition, other alternative methods available to support you.

Should your baby be in a breech position, hypnosis is very effective for encouraging him/her to turn to a vertex position ( I have supported 8 mums in achieving this – testimonial), encouraging a baby who is reluctant to put in an appearance even though due date has arrived.

When working with individual couples, we are not tied to specific times/days but can build inflexibility to suit work pattern.

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