Finding it difficult to conceive? I can help.

This work is designed to support women – and their partners, where felt appropriate, through issues of undiagnosed infertility.

Things can become very ‘medicalised’ – the aim is to introduce techniques which allow mums to make the process much more personalised.

The sessions can be used with women who are struggling to conceive and in support of those undertaking a course of IVF.


Initial session

Intake involving a history of fertility issues. First relaxation under hypnosis session, including stress relief.  CD to take home.

Subsequent sessions

These include visualisation to allow women to feel that they have some degree of control over conception.

Techniques for relaxation during medical appointments

  • Release of fear around conception – and possibly pregnancy
  • Setting a blueprint – focusing on woman’s goals – CD for use at home
  • I am happy to provide a recording specifically for IVF treatments

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