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Helping people to overcome their challenges is the most rewarding part of my job. And hearing how much they enjoyed the experience is the icing on the cake. I really appreciate people taking the time and trouble to write about our time together. Thank you.

Decision making

Making a decision to ask for help is one of the hardest decisions to ever make, but Dee made that choice easier - even when I was so angry, she didn't give up, Dee has supported me so much through the counselling and hypnotherapy and my life is changing so much for the better, from the battles with anger, depression and alcohol, to positive changes and taking back control of mine and my family's future, and finally talking to people and slowly trusting people .

Changes may be slow and emotional but Dee's support never ends when you need it the most and words can never express just how much of a difference she makes to your life through her work and just being Dee




Guided visualisation for relaxation, tracks for therapeutic support or specific issues, positive affirmations – both written and spoken.

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I offer therapy and treatments for a range of issues. I work with individuals and couples for counselling.

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