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Helping people to overcome their challenges is the most rewarding part of my job. And hearing how much they enjoyed the experience is the icing on the cake. I really appreciate people taking the time and trouble to write about our time together. Thank you.

Breaking a bad habit!

"I can recommend Dee's hypnotherapy to anyone looking for help to break a habit. For a long time I struggled with an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, particularly the association of needing to have a glass of wine in order to relax. With a new baby in the house, this habit was becoming problematic and affecting my sleep, especially at the weekend when I had the tendency to over indulge. Within just ten days, Dee's hypnotherapy has helped me take back control of my own actions and break this habit so that I can relax in other ways, get the best sleep possible and enjoy my days! The positive impact this having on my life is immeasurable and I wish I had seen Dee sooner! Thank you so much Dee"


Firstly, thank you so much for all the work you did with us. The Hypnobirthing techniques worked brilliantly!

I started having some surges on Friday evening, nothing too strong but starting at 10 Mins apart. I carried on as normal, listened to the rainbow relaxation and after a quick last minute check that the hospital bag was ready, went to bed and fell asleep, I was amazed at how completely calm and unfazed I was about everything and before I drifted off I listened to my birthing affirmations.

I woke at 6.30am on Saturday morning and my surges slowly began to get closer together until they were 7-8 Mins apart. At this stage, I still felt completely calm with no real pain and we decided to take the dog out for a one mile walk (with me stopping every 7 Mins along the canal towpath to ensure I could practice my breathing when a surge came!) Next job was to go and buy the Christmas tree from the local garden centre and again I walked around the centre with surges at 7 Mins stopping when I needed to!

We arrived at Hospital at 2:00 and *** was born at 17:34. I did have some pain relief upon arrival (apparently I went from 4cm to 9cm in 1 hour 40 Mins which would explain the intensity!) but after that all I used was my visualisation and Hypnobirthing training - *** couldn't believe how calm and focused I was. The midwife also remarked that my breathing techniques were very good and very much left us to get on with things with minimal intervention. Due to the speed of everything, I decided not to water birth but to stay in the room and walk and move about.

When [my baby] was ready to be born he arrived in under 10 pushes with me drinking a cup of tea in between each one!, again the midwife remarked on how relaxed [my baby] was, as when listening to his heartbeat when he was in the birth canal, it had hardly changed from when he had been in my tummy. Hypnobirthing really helped me feel confident and calm and gave all three of us a really positive birth experience. Since we returned home [my baby] has been a calm and relaxed baby - clearly the Hypnobirthing has helped him prior to, during and after his arrival.

I (partner) would like to add that he also found the Hypnobirthing to be very helpful to his state of mind. He says the breathing techniques and visualisations helped him stay calm and focused throughout, so that he could provide as much support as possible, however he said I didn't need much of it!

Our sincere thanks one again


Where to even start, I started my journey for recovery from labyrinthitis along with suffering with anxiety with my first session with Dee. I was at a loss with suffering from labyrinthitis for 6 months at the time, medication wasn't helping, the doctors leaving me feeling deflated with not referring me to a specialist. Then I came across Dees website, who knew one call would began the journey to even get me out of bed in the morning. After having 4 sessions people were already telling me they could see the change in me. My labyrinthitis is under control with help and advise from Dee along with the hypnotherapy, I was given the tools and confidence on how to deal with my anxiety. With both things working hand and hand I am feeling at my best, not at my best again but a completely new best. And I will always be forever grateful. 




A very personal story.

I would highly recommend Dee to anyone who is feeling anxious about giving birth or even getting pregnant.  

That was me back in 2009/10 and now I am blessed with two beautiful children.  I was so scared of giving birth that I reminded my husband that I couldn't promise to give him children when he proposed to me.  Dee educated me about my body and showed me that there was another way to prepare yourself for birthing - a calm, quiet, natural way - not like on TV and films at all. Even though both of my children's births were not quite straight forward I stayed calm and composed throughout and never felt scared once. With Dee's guidance I faced my greatest fear twice - it's really amazing what you can achieve. Thanks so much Dee - you helped to complete my family. Katharine xxx

A beautiful person, a great source of wisdom and highly valued friend

Having read through these truly inspirational and thought-provoking blog posts, I found myself shamelessly blubbering away (particularly after reading the posts about valuing yourself and giving yourself that little more appreciation and kindness…something I’m working on myself), these ‘revelation tears’, as I have now labelled them, were subsequently followed by feeling a succession of lightbulbs ignite within me (I get the same feelings every time I visit Dee too)…so I think it’s safe to say, the posts have well and truly served their purpose in reminding me that I am worthy, I am capable and I am strong. Dee has thankfully taught me that in dismal times you should always remember that you have a best friend in yourself, if only you give yourself the recognition and appreciation you deserve. I would never have reached this conclusion without the help of my invaluable friend. A precious being indeed. I have now had the pleasure of passing on this wisdom to friends in times of counsel, in fact I often find myself saying, ‘you have to remember that although sometimes you can be your own worst enemy, as Dee’s post about ‘disappointment’ and setting yourself unattainable goals explains, we can indeed be our own best friend too…and as long you remember that you will NEVER be alone and will always have someone fighting your corner (two if you count the inner child, hehe), be kind to yourself and treat yourself with respect and you’ll soon learn you’ve covered the most important base...’. Reading Dee’s blog has so eloquently reminded me how fortunate I am to be graced with the presence of such a beautiful, fiercely intelligent and caring woman. I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Dee since I was a little child, having lived just down the road from her for as long as I can remember. After seeking her advice on my issues with mental health and a friend’s previous experiences with sexual abuse, I realised just how wonderful, supportive and intelligent this wonderful lady is. A person truly passionate about ‘living’ in its purest form; through appreciating surroundings, helping others and valuing yourself. I cannot thank her enough for her countless words of wisdom, which I will genuinely carry with me through my life, always. As a sufferer of depression and body dysmorphic disorder, I have often found myself leaning on Dee for support and uplifting words, something she has offered me in abundance. As a person I am very scared of failure and not attaining the high standards I set for myself, but thankfully through the help of Dee, I am beginning to realise that I was not born to be faultless, we all must make mistakes in order to progress, and sometimes we should stop with the constant need to progress all together and just appreciate where we are at now, and find the beauty in it. No words will ever express my gratitude to Dee, I simply cannot thank her enough. She is my absolute inspiration and my guiding light. I know if I grow up to be half the woman Dee is, I will be incredibly proud. An absolute angel. All my love and gratitude, Emma xxx



Guided visualisation for relaxation, tracks for therapeutic support or specific issues, positive affirmations – both written and spoken.

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