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Helping people to overcome their challenges is the most rewarding part of my job. And hearing how much they enjoyed the experience is the icing on the cake. I really appreciate people taking the time and trouble to write about our time together. Thank you.

Fear of flying

I saw Dee for hypnotherapy in 2006. I have always been afraid of flying and I had a long haul flight booked for my cousin's wedding in South Africa which was worrying me. I saw Dee for three sessions and was unsure what to expect, but she explained what it would entail and put aside any worries about the hypnotism itself that I had.

The actual experience of hypnotherapy was amazing; I have never felt so relaxed. (I would consider having hypnotherapy just for relaxation!) It was a lovely feeling. I felt totally in control and Dee's manner was very reassuring. Afterwards the feeling of relaxation stayed with me.

Until the flight I had no idea whether it would have worked or not, though I was definitely less anxious in anticipation of the flight. Dee had given me a 'trigger' to use if I needed but I didn't feel like I needed it. The proof of the pudding was very evident during the flight itself. I actually enjoyed the flight! The weirdest part was when we were flying over Africa and I could see lightning storms out of the windows. I was just watching it with no feeling of scare whatsoever. It was incredible.

The flight home was extremely turbulent and again I felt completely relaxed about it (though somewhat sick!). The last flight I took was to Venice about 18 months ago (2011) and again really enjoyed the flight - looking out over the Dolomites in Italy and finding the landing fun!

Quite amazing from what I had been like before (on the edge of not boarding!) I have just booked to go on a road trip to the USA later this year flying into Las Vegas and back out from LA and am confident that I shall be relaxed on the flight. I cannot recommend Dee highly enough for her lovely manner and highly effective treatment!

Eliminating fear of needles!

I had a massive needle phobia and due to a medical condition I need to have regular blood tests.

When I started with Dee my stress scale was 12 out of 10. Now my phobia has gone.  Not only do I not stress or fear needles any more but I've also had a tattoo that I've wanted for such a long time.  I can't thank Dee enough.  Robert





I suffered with an Eating Disorder, Depression and Psychosis. My parents were at a point of despair. I’d spent 9 years in and out of hospital, seen plenty of therapists, but didn't seem to be getting better. In fact the Doctors said I never would get better. 
That’s when we were told about Dee. 
That first appointment I sat there hunched up just hoping the ground would swallow me up. Dee then said that she could only help me if I agreed to help myself, putting me in control for the first time.

It was the start of a beautiful working relationship.

Dee explored my many issues. She has a very good knowledge of dealing with those who have suffered abuse. I sometimes saw her twice a week other times once. She was always available via email whenever I needed her between these sessions. 

I also had hypnotherapy which I found very useful and relaxing. As I knew Dee and trusted her, I was able to relax and benefit greatly from the hypnotherapy.

My outcome? I am happy with myself and who I am. I am in a very happy stable relationship, we are getting married next year. I also go to work on a part time basis. None of this would be possible without the help I have received from Dee. I would most likely still be in a rut of sections and hospital admissions.

Dee has given me a life, something I cannot thank her for enough.

Breaking a bad habit!

"I can recommend Dee's hypnotherapy to anyone looking for help to break a habit. For a long time I struggled with an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, particularly the association of needing to have a glass of wine in order to relax. With a new baby in the house, this habit was becoming problematic and affecting my sleep, especially at the weekend when I had the tendency to over indulge. Within just ten days, Dee's hypnotherapy has helped me take back control of my own actions and break this habit so that I can relax in other ways, get the best sleep possible and enjoy my days! The positive impact this having on my life is immeasurable and I wish I had seen Dee sooner! Thank you so much Dee"


Firstly, thank you so much for all the work you did with us. The Hypnobirthing techniques worked brilliantly!

I started having some surges on Friday evening, nothing too strong but starting at 10 Mins apart. I carried on as normal, listened to the rainbow relaxation and after a quick last minute check that the hospital bag was ready, went to bed and fell asleep, I was amazed at how completely calm and unfazed I was about everything and before I drifted off I listened to my birthing affirmations.

I woke at 6.30am on Saturday morning and my surges slowly began to get closer together until they were 7-8 Mins apart. At this stage, I still felt completely calm with no real pain and we decided to take the dog out for a one mile walk (with me stopping every 7 Mins along the canal towpath to ensure I could practice my breathing when a surge came!) Next job was to go and buy the Christmas tree from the local garden centre and again I walked around the centre with surges at 7 Mins stopping when I needed to!

We arrived at Hospital at 2:00 and *** was born at 17:34. I did have some pain relief upon arrival (apparently I went from 4cm to 9cm in 1 hour 40 Mins which would explain the intensity!) but after that all I used was my visualisation and Hypnobirthing training - *** couldn't believe how calm and focused I was. The midwife also remarked that my breathing techniques were very good and very much left us to get on with things with minimal intervention. Due to the speed of everything, I decided not to water birth but to stay in the room and walk and move about.

When [my baby] was ready to be born he arrived in under 10 pushes with me drinking a cup of tea in between each one!, again the midwife remarked on how relaxed [my baby] was, as when listening to his heartbeat when he was in the birth canal, it had hardly changed from when he had been in my tummy. Hypnobirthing really helped me feel confident and calm and gave all three of us a really positive birth experience. Since we returned home [my baby] has been a calm and relaxed baby - clearly the Hypnobirthing has helped him prior to, during and after his arrival.

I (partner) would like to add that he also found the Hypnobirthing to be very helpful to his state of mind. He says the breathing techniques and visualisations helped him stay calm and focused throughout, so that he could provide as much support as possible, however he said I didn't need much of it!

Our sincere thanks one again



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