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Helping people to overcome their challenges is the most rewarding part of my job. And hearing how much they enjoyed the experience is the icing on the cake. I really appreciate people taking the time and trouble to write about our time together. Thank you.

Weight Loss

I had never had hypnosis before and admit I was a bit wary.  I loved the first relaxation session – and enjoyed using the cd at home. The sessions with Dee made me really look at what I ate and why – and I changed from too much junk food.

Dee was great at coming up with easy cook nutritious meal ideas which became firm family favourites.

I began gentle exercise – just walking – children to school, the dog.  I found that I began to really enjoy this and soon began other forms of exercise too.  The gastric band session was fascinating – and my portions became much smaller – I just didn't want to eat large amounts.

Result – the weight began to drop off, slowly but consistently.  I knew I could do it, having failed with fad ‘diets’ in the past. I feel good about myself, have bought clothes that show off my new body. 

My husband thinks he’s got a new wife!

Turning my baby

I saw the midwife at 37 weeks and was upset to hear that my baby was in a breech position.  I was told that the consultant could try to turn her – failing this I would have to have a C-section. 

Dee had told us that if this happened, she would try to turn our baby using hypnosis.  By this time, I was well used to getting into a relaxed state, and the session, which was in our sitting room, was fascinating.  Suffice to say, when I saw the midwife next day – our little girl had turned and we went on to have our second, wonderful Hypnobirthing birth!

Time to let go

Well today I saw my amazing counsellor for the last time...Time to let go ...she told me it was a privilege to help me, and she seen how strong I've become during the 8 months I've spent with her...I can't thank this lady enough she is truly amazing at her job and as a person...a friend for life....someone I will always owe a massive thank you to her. Dee Chadwick you're an inspiration. 

Taking back control

Found this photo and thought actually about describes how I felt when I first came for help but think I'd actually got to tilting on giving up.

Finding the strength to carry on when balancing on giving up feeling you cannot take any more, feeling alone and often desperate, too frightened to take that first step to try and even trust someone ​is so hard. A few months ago I felt that way but now things are starting to change. It doesn't happen overnight, there are set backs, there is pain and tears and anger but that's ok. I am learning to trust through this amazing person supporting me. I am beginning to let go of the pain and fear (of being abused) I am taking control, none of what happened was my fault. I have survived. I am stronger than all that I have put up with. You can move forward and take back control of your life and leave the pain behind. Reach out, there is an amazing person to support you.

Relaxation Evening

Recommendation: Last night Sandbach Ladies Circle enjoyed a relaxation evening with Dee. Dee treated us all to a guided relaxation followed by a discussion about various relaxation techniques with a cuppa tea/glass of wine. We all left feeling refreshed and relaxed and agreed what a wonderful evening Dee had provided us. Dee's services are recommended to anyone in need of some R&R or just a little treat!
Thank you Dee, we really didnt want to leave!



Guided visualisation for relaxation, tracks for therapeutic support or specific issues, positive affirmations – both written and spoken.

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