Serenity For pregnancy and Birth


This track was specifically written to encourage relaxation during pregnancy and can also be used during the birth of your baby. It was written by myself and a fellow hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing practitioner, Rebecca McCann.

The relaxation is gentle, encouraging you to gradually focus on all areas of your body and include your belly and your baby. It is so wonderful to really communicate with your baby even before you have met face-face and cuddled skin-skin. Sports people use positive mental pictures in support of their achievements. With this recording, you learn to relax, to feel serene and tranquil in mind and body.

You also set a picture in your mind of you holding your beautiful baby in your arms – a picture which you carry through with you until it becomes your reality, just as the sports people do! Let go of any niggles and go with the flow of relaxation in anticipation of the birth of your baby. 

If this recording leads you to wondering how a hypnobirthing course (a holistic birth preparation progam, including relaxation) would help you even further, please do get in touch via this web site.

This download includes:

  • Affirmation audio track - 35 Minutes 31 seconds



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