Calm, Confident And In Control


Do you have times when you feel anything but the three c’s above? Maybe you feel agitated, unsure or yourself in general or when faced with specific circumstances.

Maybe you have something that you are going to have to face, and feel under-confident about your ability to do this – an exam, a driving test, a job interview? Maybe you have life changes ahead.

If you have any of these, or simply tend to lack self-confidence, this recording will serve you well. Following gentle, yet deep relaxation using hypnosis, you are, in your imagination, taken to a beach. Your subconscious mind responds well to story-telling, metaphor in hypnosis – and  this is the part of your mind with which we will be working. On that beach, you will firstly be encouraged to get rid of your concerns, let them wash away. You will then set up your 3c’s – your mantra of being calm, confident and in control.

You can use this recording for any specific events, or simply to remind yourself that you CAN be more confident than you currently are.

This download includes:

  • Affirmation audio track - 38 Minutes 54 seconds



Guided visualisation for relaxation, tracks for therapeutic support or specific issues, positive affirmations – both written and spoken.

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