Dee Chadwick
20 Apr 2016
Spring has sprung. A time for new arrivals - the spring flowers are risking the wind, the rain and the frost and my wonderful magnolia has burst into glorious flower. The trees are emerging from their winter skeletal outlines to reveal their fresh new coverings of leaves.

The downsides - the grass needs cutting, the edges trimming and weeds that are already springing into life too - they need removing. A gardener’s work is never done.

So, you may ask, where is this leading? It is leading to my gardening tools - the tools from previous years need sorting, assessing for suitability for another year – will they be ok or do I need to see what there is on offer that will make the process of gardening easier? Will it be worth the cost? The lawn mower that I struggled with last year would really benefit from being upgraded – or rather, I would benefit from that happening. Will it be worth me hunting around to find just what is right for me?

So where are my ruminations leading? They are leading to the parallels of Spring and birth – and the many mums to be who are preparing for the arrival of their baby just as I am preparing my garden for the summer when it will be enjoyed to the full.

Maybe this is your first baby, in which case all will be new and so exciting.  Maybe you already have a child, but the birth was not all that you had hoped for. If the former, you could be feeling unprepared for said birth, especially if friends and TV programs insist on presenting you with tales of negativity around birth.  If the latter, maybe the tools that you used for this birth need upgrading to improve how you approach and prepare for this new arrival?

In either case, why not let hypnobirthing be your tool of choice for the birth of this baby?  No matter what route your birth takes, hypnobirthing will serve you well and give you tools not only for your pregnancy and birth, but also for life! Courses can be tailor made to suit individual needs of each mum to ensure that you have the best tools for you – not borrowing ideas from friends or ‘reality’ tv or making do with what didn’t work last time!

If you have survived my waxing lyrical, do get in touch to find out how I can tailor make a birthing course to suit your particular needs. Wishing you a very calm and positive experience of pregnancy and birth.

You can email me or phone, but it's always a good idea to pop along for a chat about how hypnobirthing can help you - and my classes in particular.  If the weather's good, we could even sit out and enjoy the fruits of my gardening labours to do this! No pun intended.

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